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          Vampires are magically reanimated human corpses which are inhabited by the spirits of the deceased person and who closely resemble the living humans they were before their transformation. Vampires feed and survive on the blood of the living, typically on that of humans, and they can also transform other humans into more of their kind by sharing their own blood with them. Vampires are one of the many known supernatural species that were created by witches. 


The Transformation


           In order to become a Vampire, one must consume the blood of a Vampire and die while the blood is still in one's system. If the body is preserved during death, you will awaken in a state of transition. Next, in order to survive and complete the transformation into a Vampire, you must then drink the blood of the living within a day, or you die.  The process of turning a human into a Vampire is called siring.  The Vampire whose blood the human consumed to begin the transition, is called a sire. This process creates a powerful and complex bond between the creator and the created Vampire, although how this bond develops is dependent on the two individuals in question. Newborn Vampires may develop a parental or familial bond with their sire, viewing their sire as a parent or sibling. However, a sire bond between Vampires may also be sexual in nature if there was already an attraction to begin with.  If there was animosity between the sire and sired or the change was forced, the bond may be one of rivalry or true anger and hate.

The Rules


       Although Vampires do not live in a structured society yet, they are still bound to certain rules that have been in place for centuries. One of these rules is to never expose the existence of Vampires to the world. Another rule is never sire a child, as these immortal children will never age and inevitably become driven insane to become uncontrollable.
Vampires have no true hierarchy, though, the status and power of Vampires is determined by their age. They grow more powerful the longer they are undead. For this reason, younger Vampires are often cautious of older Vampires and will probably treat them with respect. Sometimes younger Vampires seek the leadership and guidance of older Vampires, especially when they have only just been converted.

Hierarchy Of Vampires

Original Vampires- Vampires who are 700 or older and were turned by other means, other than by Vampire bite. They Sire to no other vampire and have a rare bloodline. ((Originals must ask Sebastian Ayashi before applying in only 2 originals will be allowed on sim at any given time.)

Methuselah- a Vampire who is 700 or older that Guard of the veil those who watch over the old ones and guards the Original vampires sleeping bodies.

Voice of the Vampires - Vampires who are 301-700 and up years of age. There is only one Lord who can rule the city at a time. He/she is the face of power and only answers to original vampire.

Elders- Vampires who are 700 and up years old. Elders only answer to the Lord of the City and Original Vampires.

Aristocrats - Vampires who are 301-700 years of age.  Aristocrats are usually members of the council and answer to the Lord of the City.

Vampires - Vampires who are 101-300 years of age.  They are usually turned by Aristocrats and have no power in the Council.  They also help train Fledglings.

Fledglings - Vampires who are 1-100 years of age.  They are newly turned vampires, and answer to their Sires.




          Vampires can be pale or tanned, depending on what they are feeding upon.  Should they feed only on animal blood, then their skin ranges in paleness from light to nearly dead looking, depending on how much animal blood they have been consuming.  Should they not have regular eating habits and wait until they are nearly driven insane with hunger, they would look much like a corpse.  Otherwise, just a light pale, as if they rarely go out in the sun, or they were a ginger.  Vampires that feed off of human blood have all ranges in skin color from super dark to very pale, whatever is in their genes.  Should they have had a golden tan when they were alive, as long as they feed from human blood, they would have that same golden tan. This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set-in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.


Traits are abilities or powers you get for being a Vampire these are always active.

Enhanced Strength - Vampires have the ability to possess a degree of physical strength that is unattainable by regular humans.

Enhanced Speed - Vampires have the ability to physically move at a speed that is impossible for regular humans to match or even perceive properly.

Enhanced Durability - Vampires have the ability to possess a heightened resistance to physical harm and injuries.

Heightened Senses - Vampires have an ability that boost their senses beyond regular human capabilities.

Accelerated Healing - Vampires have the ability to heal from sustained wounds and injuries at a rapid speed.

Immortality - Vampires have an infinite lifespan and an arresting aging process. As undead creatures, Vampires could potentially exist forever.

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities a Vampire gets but must active to use them.


Blood Consumption - Vampires have the ability to sustain oneself through the consumption of the blood of the living.
Compulsion -
Vampires have the ability to influence and manipulate the minds of others.
Dream Manipulation -
Vampires have the ability to enter and manipulate the dreams of other people. Vampires can use this ability through Compulsion.

Blood Consumption Effects

Fae- When a vampire drinks from the Fae they come to a drunk like state. Fae cannot be turned into a vampire.

Shifter- When a vampire drinks from a Shifter they feel ill. Shifters maybe come a hybrid talk with Sebastian Ayashi.

Gifted- When a vampire drinks from a gifted they can feed on them like normal humans. Can be turned into a vampire.

Witch- When a vampire drinks from a witch they get immunity to magic for twenty-four hours. Can be turned into a vampire but loses control of magic.

Doll- Vampires cannot feed off dolls and they cannot be turned into vampires.

Hunter- When a Vampire drinks from a hunter they become poisoned and weakened. Hunters that go through the trials cannot be turned into a vampire.

Angel- When a vampire drinks the blood of an angel's vessel, they become weaker to the sunlight and all sense are dulled. Angels cannot be turned into vampire.

Demon- When a vampire drinks the blood of a demon's vessel, they become stronger against sunlight and all sense are strengthened. Demons cannot be turned into vampires.




Sunlight - Vampires are vulnerable to sunlight, especially artificial sunlight, which shows their true form by burning them.
Fire - Vampires are vulnerable to fire, which can destroy them by reducing them to ashes.
Magic - As undead and unnatural beings, Vampires are weak to magic.
Desiccation - Vampires are dependent on the blood of living for sustenance. If they are unable to feed on blood, their bodies will weaken and dehydrate, essentially turning them into mummified corpses unable to move.
Vervain - A herb containing magical properties. It is poisonous to vampires and protects their victims from compulsion once ingested.


         Ghouls or Blood dolls are the mortal servants of Vampires. Ghouls are chosen by the vampire when the vampire feeds them their blood and the Ghoul become addicted to the blood. This gives the Ghouls power and abilities but at the price of needing the blood of the Vampire. When a ghoul feeds off the blood of their Master they gain blood power, they gain three blood powers for each feed and when they use any of their abilities given to them from their Master they use one blood power, once all blood power is used, they must feed again. Ghouls can hold a total of nine blood power at a time.

Those that can become Ghouls are Humans, Gifted, and Witches.

Powers & Abilities & Traits

Powers and Abilities you get for just being a Ghoul. Traits are always active.


Master's Blood- The Master give them access to their power but uses blood power to use them.
Enhanced Abilities- Ghouls have enhance ability such as strength, speed, and durability. (This is a trait)

Blood Consumption - Ghouls have the ability to sustain oneself through the consumption of the blood of their Master.

Telepathy - Ghouls have the ability to communicate through one’s mind with their Master.


(Ghouls that are Witches or Gifted can choose a power from the book of powers)




Race weaknessDepending on your chosen race you gain all weakness of that race.
Vervain - A herb containing magical properties. It is poisonous to vampires and protects their victims from compulsion once ingested.
Magic - Ghouls are susceptible to the influences of magic and witchcraft. (Unless a witch)


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