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Sim Rules


          By submitting your application, you agree to allow all conversations, local and private messages, to be recorded in a notecard and shared with owners/admins/group leaders to resolve any and all disputes that might occur both in character and out of character.


HAVE FUN!! - Role-playing should be fun for all involved. Remember to follow the rules and it will be. They are simple, mostly common sense, easy to understand, and thoroughly explained.  Allow yourself to be fully emerged and just enjoy the story you create with other players. Should you come up with any ideas on how to make this already great RP sim even better, please create a notecard and pass it to one of the admins. Rename it like so, Suggestion/Comment, (your second life name).  Example: Suggestion/Comment, John Resident.


READ SIM RULES AND RP GUIDELINES THOROUGHLY - Ignorance of the rules and  Role Play guidelines is no excuse. If you break a rule or ignore a guideline you are subject to punishment, such as, but not limited to voided RP, character permanent death, temporary and/or permanent ban, etc. The admins are fair and reasonable people but very firm on these things. They will hold you responsible for your actions. All rules and guidelines are subject to change should there be a need to. Watch for the notices that may relay such information and/or watch this web site for such changes because not knowing there was a change will not excuse you from any punishment you might receive for breaking rules after they were changed.


RESPECT ALL - All who roleplay here do so to enjoy themselves. As this is an adult sim, we expect you to handle yourselves accordingly and treat others the way you want to be treated. It's one thing for your character to be a dick and completely different for you to be one as the player behind the character. 


ALLOW THE ADMINS TO RP - Admins are not scary people. They love to roleplay as well and are friendly and welcoming.  They have proven themselves fair and balanced role-players in the past thus why they are admins here. They want to have fun as well so do not message them every two seconds with complaints or constantly bother them wanting to know how they have ruled on whatever issue you had. Let them enjoy themselves as well and always be respectful. 


PROBLEMS AND COMPLAINTS - All issues need to be submitted via note card through the chain of command which is group leaders first then admins only if you disagree with the verdict the group leaders make. Failure to attempt to fix it yourself or follow the chain of command will make your complaint null and void. You must prove you tried to work it out yourself in a respectful manner via a notecard. Should it be found that you were disrespectful during the discussion, you might end up with consequences you weren't expecting.  If it is an OOC or out of character issue, the note card should be labeled like this: Complaint, (your SL name), (name of who you're complaining about), SL (second life) date. Example: Complaint, John Resident, Jake Resident, 5/12/2020. Should it be a dispute about a roleplay, things get a little more complicated. First, we want you to try and resolve the issue yourself. Do not send note cards to the admins until you have gone through the effort to fix it without admin help. The first note card should be of the roleplay itself and labeled like this example: Roleplay Dispute, John Resident, Jake Resident, RP, 5/24/2020.  Next note card should be of any OOC conversations trying to resolve the issue and labeled like this example: OOC Convo About RP, John Resident, Jake Resident, Local, 5/24/2020. If the conversation was in PM or private message, label it PM instead of local. Should you have more than one person in private messages discussing how to resolve the issue, you will need to make more than one note card labeled like above with their name right after yours. At the top of every note card should be the name of your group leader then the name of the other person's or people's group leaders. Finally, send those note cards to those group leaders who will then have a meeting and make a decision. They will notify the admins first of what the verdict is and then you. Should you have a problem with their decision, then and only then do you contact the admins. You will need to make yet another note card, this one being the conversation about the decision between you and your group leader labeled Dispute Verdict, (your SL name), (your group leader's name), (SL date and time) Example: Dispute Verdict, John Resident, Jackie Resident, 3/2/2020, 5:34 PM.  Should the issue be with someone harassing and/or bullying you OOC, then place any messages, both local and private message, into a note card labeled like this: Harassment/Bullying, John Resident Attacking Jackie Resident 3/27/2020, 6:45 AM. Send it directly to an admin who will notify all parties involved about their decision on how to best deal with it.

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