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Rules & Guidelines

NO GODMODDING AND/OR METAGAMING - This rule is ironclad and set in cement.  Breaking this rule will definitely have serious consequences. So it is clear on what is our definition of these things, we will explain.  

Godmodding is when you not only refuse to allow your character to get injured when clearly, they would be injured at least a little, but also deciding what will happen to another's character instead of their player getting the choice.

Right Way


          John lifted several windows from the store nearby using telekinesis mastered.  After dropping them on the pavement so they shattered, he again used his powers to fling them toward Jake in hopes of slicing him up.  (notice how John said in hopes of slicing him up rather than he does slice him up thus giving Jake a chance to decide what he was going to do rather than John deciding for him)


     Wrong Way      


          Jake dodged every single slice of the glass with little effort then used his power of telekinesis mastered to fling them back at John.  John had no chance of avoiding them and was instantly sliced all over his body. (note how Jake miraculously managed to dodge everything and then)


Metagaming is when you take any information you learned OOC, out of character, and using this knowledge in the game.




A conversation that takes place in a private message out of character


       Joyce - “Did you know that John had the power of pyrokinesis? He set some guy on fire Wednesday using the gas stove in the diner.  It was an amazing fight!


       Jay - “No I didn't know that but it does sound cool.  I wish I had been there but I was working that night.”


Later Jay sees John outside of the diner and begins RP, role play


       John came out of the diner after apologizing to the owner yet again for Wednesday night.  He didn't start the fight but he sure did finish it. Upon seeing the gentleman on the sidewalk, he gave a quick nod as he tipped his hat a little, just a little old worldly hello as he would try to make his way down the street in the opposite direction.


       Jay saw the man called John exit the diner.  He knew that man had the ability to manipulate fire, so even though he really wanted to jump him right there, he felt it was best to get him away from the fires of the gas stove in the diner and somewhere he could catch him unaware just in case John had a lighter as a backup.  No way he was gonna get burnt to a crisp.


       Even though Jay had never seen John before, notice how he role plays that his character not only knows what John looks like but also, that he has the power of pyrokinesis as well which he learned in a PM and not in character.  If you are ever found guilty of either of these things, metagaming or godmodding, then you are subject to having your role play voided, your character permanently dying, being kicked and temporarily if not permanently banned from the sim, or whatever punishment the admins deem necessary. Ignorance is no excuse.


KEEP THINGS SOMEWHAT REALISTIC - Yes, we are an urban fantasy sim so you might think that asking you to be realistic might be stretching it a bit. However, that is exactly what we are asking you to be.  For example, a normal human with no special talents, no buffs of any kind, no powers, and no wards, charms, or enchantments of any kind probably wouldn't be able to best a vampire even in their newborn phase.  They might get insanely lucky once or twice, however, that would be a rare situation, and they would always catch up with you eventually. Being fed off of is not something someone needs OOC permission for as long as it is not sexual in nature, cause permanent scars, or ends up with you losing limbs.  Remember to roleplay out injuries after battles. Minor injuries such as but not limited to things like cuts that are only a few layers of skin deep, bruises, mild concussions, and black eyes. These things will take at least 3 to 6 days to heal if your character has no abilities or traits that speeds up the healing process.  Major injuries include but are not limited to things such as broken bones, cuts that require stitches, moderate to severe concussions, and teeth that have been knocked out. These wounds will take no less than at least 6 to 10 days if not longer. Knowing this is Secondlife and role-playing a broken bone healing for 6 plus weeks really can suck, we have no issue with shortening that considerably, however, we still would like for you to take the time to role-play somewhat believable. Being somewhat realistic also means there are real consequences for things you role-play.  If your character decides to lose their mind and shoot up an entire block, don’t be upset should your character get shot to death when the police come to arrest you, especially if you decide you are gonna resist them.


OOC PERMISSION FOR IC BEHAVIOR - There are some things you need to get permission for to role play.  For instance, a few examples of these things are sexual behavior of any kind, permanently killing your character, permanent disfigurement and/or amputation of any body part, and bonding to any shifter.  We may end up adding to that list. You may attempt to feed off someone as a vampire without permission so long as you do not do so with sexual acts to the victim you have chosen. So it is clear on what we consider sexual behavior, our idea of sexual behavior is but not limited to things such as oral sex, arousing someone, molestation, etc. Failure to get out of character permission before performing these things will result in harsh punishments.  This is something we take very seriously. We do not like telling people what they can and cannot roleplay. However, we would prefer you do not roleplay rape in any form. If the parties involved wish to role play it and no one was pressured or forced to do so, those who role-played it out will suffer no consequences for doing so. We would just rather you didn't.


SEXUAL ROLE PLAY - This is an adult sim and sex does happen.  It just will.  We do not care if it stays in local chat however, be sure you are not shouting the posts as that will broadcast it across the sim.  This means you cannot post the role play in the IC group either.  If you decide to keep it in local, please ensure that all parties involved agree to that.  Otherwise, create a group conversation with yourself and the other role players involved if it is more than one or just do it in private messages.  Please be respectful of everyone's role play limits as already stated in another rule.

TRY TO KEEP OOC CHATTER TO A MINIMUM -  While there will be times when speaking OOC (out of character) will be necessary, try to keep it to only things that are necessary.  Things that would most likely be needed to be spoken OOC are things such as going AFK (away from keyboard), correcting something in the post, letting people know you hit enter too soon or you need to add more to your post because you might have missed something or someone, letting everyone know the posting order, etc.  Things that are not needed are like letting everyone in the scene know your kitty cat is eating all adorable like on your lap then spending the next several minutes continuously describing it.  Kitties are super cute but seriously, there is an OOC group chat for that very reason both in Discord and SL (Secondlife).  Please do not disturb the mood and flow of the scene with unnecessary chit chat that just ruins it for everyone else.


SIM WIDE EVENTS - We would love for any player to come up with a sim wide event for all to enjoy. If you decide to create one, you will need to do a few things before handing your note card over to an admin to be considered.  First, create a note card and label it SIM WIDE EVENT, (your second life name), (name of your sim wide event)



       Next, you need to write up a simple time line so the admins have an idea of how you wish the story to progress.  You will still be expected to write up something for any notices progressing the story along.  Label it SIM WIDE EVENT TIME LINE,(your second life name),(name of sim wide event).



       Next, create a storyline of how things began or what happened to start these chains of events.  Below is a great example of what we mean. This is a backstory based loosely on a sim wide event we had the pleasure long ago to take part in.


       Deep in the night, a suspicious figure cloaked in red made her way home.  After removing her cloak and preparing herself a bit, she opened the secret door to her cauldron, already boiling and ready for the last few ingredients for her grand spell.  Ice from the North Pole, three drops of her blood, and the breath of one who controls the weather. Once she was all finished, she swayed back and forth as she recited the words over and over. Each repeat of the phrase had more emotion than the last.  She pours all her energy and every bit of magic inside her, including the major boost she had traded her very soul to acquire for this very spell. Sweat appeared on her forehead and grew in steady beads that flowed down her face, ruining her makeup though she hardly cared at all.  After repeating the magic words for the last time, she collapsed on the floor as black smoke not only filled her chamber, it flowed into the rest of her tiny house as well. She had to seriously struggle to get to her feet as she choked on the smoke. Tears ran from her eyes like tiny rivers as the smoke not only choked her lungs, it stung and burned her eyes.  It took all she had left to get to the windows and open them in hopes to let out all the smoke. She really thought she had failed in her attempt at this storm and, after finishing her task with the windows, fell unconscious, letting the lack of oxygen and exhaustion from casting the flopped spell overtake her. She was positive this was when she was to die, and though she wasn't ready to go to hell just yet, she had no way to stop it and didn't care to bother even if she could.  

She didn't wake until the next afternoon, shivering horribly from the freezing wind now flying through the open windows.  The smoke had gone and there was a great deal of snow that had poured in while she was unconscious. It took her a few moments to figure out what was going on.  After all, it was in the middle of summer and since her spell had failed, it should be hot and humid outside. Upon closer inspection, she realized, she hadn’t failed at all.  She had succeeded in her work and now, all of Lac Rouge would  freeze. This winter would rampage everything it touched and each day would be colder than the rest. She danced in her house with glee, closing her windows and turning up her heater.  Her revenge on the city that had mocked,abused, and even tried to kill her would suffer her wrath and none shall be able to prevent it.


          Yes, it's a bit long-winded and no, you cannot trade your soul for power here in Malum however, it does give you a great idea of what took place and what to expect. Below the setup backstory, you need to write up some things that might be happening to the citizens, remembering to be specific to the races available here in Malum. I say might because to decide exactly what others would feel is a form of god-modding.  Be sure to include several things and more than one option of how one would feel or possibly how they would react.  For instance, a shifter wouldn't feel the cold as badly as humans. They might be a little chilly but not freezing to death, at least at first until it became much colder.  Vampires wouldn't feel it at all because they are vampires and humans, well any human without powers caught in the storm long would most likely freeze to death, get incredibly sick, and/or end up with frostbite in one or several spots in their body. As the storm continues, power outages would be reported, roads would be closed, and the city itself would basically shut down because no one would be able to get to work.  Including details like that are very important so everyone would know how it is progressing.  Keep in mind, when you create sim wide events, role players go at their own pace. Your sim wide event may not end how you want it to, it may not go how you planned it, and it may not last as long as you wanted it to be. YOU MUST BE FLEXIBLE with your event and understand these risks when you submit it. Should a role player manage to find a way to end the storm way before you wanted it to be over and far before you could get to the more epic moments you planned, that is just how things go sometimes.  So long as they can prove they have all the info and managed to gather that intel in character and legitly, we will always side with the role player no matter how much you complain. Complain too much, you may end up getting disciplined instead of them.

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