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Malum City Events

Full Moon's

        During a full moon in real-time, Shifters are at their most powerful under a Full Moon. While they do not have to shift under the full moon, they become highly aggressive, tense, even angry while in human form.  Shifting under the full moon will force them to be feral, beyond reason, and little more than wild beasts.  With practice and age, they can learn to keep themselves controlled during the full moon. Those who have powers that control animals or talk to them will be incapable of control or talk to Shifters at this time. Witches who follow the fazes of the moon will become more powerful and use less energy during a full moon.

Dates For The Full Moon 2022 

April 16from 12:00 AM SLT to April 17 12:00 AM SLT
May 16
from 12:00 AM SLT to May 17 12:00 AM SLT
June 14
from 12:00 AM SLT to June 15 12:00 AM SLT
July 13
from 12:00 AM SLT to July 14 12:00 AM SLT
August 11
from 12:00 AM SLT to August 12 12:00 AM SLT
September 10
from 12:00 AM SLT to September 11 12:00 AM SLT
October 9
from 12:00 AM SLT to October 10 12:00 AM SLT
November 8
from 12:00 AM SLT to November 9 12:00 AM SLT
December 7
from 12:00 AM SLT to December 8 12:00 AM SLT 

New Moon's

          During a new moon in Real Time, the sigils of Allura are activated.  This spell will put all souls inside the Mortal Realm at the time the spell awakens (12 AM Second Life Time), to when it starts to slumber again (12 AM Second Life Time of the day after).  EVERY SINGLE RACE'S SOUL/SPIRIT/MIND EVERY NEW MOON is forced into their true self forms, Demons look like Demons, Angels look like Angels, Fae look like Fae, etc.  Gifted and witches could have some glow effects that match their gifts.  Each person living a new life in the realm for a day.  As soon as midnight rings out, all souls are placed back in the normal realm and memories of the last 24 hours are gone.



Clairvoyance- The ability to see the past of any person, place, thing.   This power is the ONLY way to see what happened during the new moon event.  Either you must have this power or know someone who does and have them read your past.


Mental Invulnerability- immune to mental powers- must be activated during the event or before. Once out of the event, you lose all memories of the event. You cannot roleplay with those who are participating in the event roleplay.



No one has to participate in the event if they do not want to.  Just remember that you cannot RP with those that are nor can you see everyone's true form.  For you, it will be just a normal day and those who are in the event are simple slumbering in their beds or wherever.  It is advised that you just shoot someone a message and ask them if they are participating in the even if they do not have anything special or out of the ordinary with their character's appearance.  We do have several characters on sim that do not look any different than normal but still participate in the event.

Dates For The New Moon 2022

April 30, from 12:00 AM SLT to May 1, 12:00 AM SLT
May 30, from 12:00 AM SLT to June 1, 12:00 AM SLT
June 28, from 12:00 AM SLT to June 29, 12:00 AM SLT
July 28, from 12:00 AM SLT to July 29, 12:00 AM SLT
August 27, from 12:00 AM SLT to August, 28 12:00 AM SLT
September 25, from 12:00 AM SLT to September, 26 12:00 AM SLT
October 25, from 12:00 AM SLT to October 26, 12:00 AM SLT
November 23, from 12:00 AM SLT to November, 24 12:00 AM SLT
December 23, from 12:00 AM SLT to December, 24 12:00 AM SLT

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