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Living Dolls

          Living dolls are odd creatures created by witches for a specific purpose, they are imbued with Sigils that give them life and powers, and abilities. Some dolls are created as caretakers and others are created for combat. Generally, they are a homely race, whose abilities all lie in the scope of their purposes for creation. A doll created to be a housekeeper, for example, could be good at organization, cleaning, and cooking, but might be bad at conversation and incredibly aloof. Furthermore, they would lack knowledge of the world outside of their assigned task and come off as very naive. Dolls who have had more time to branch out in their skills can learn new skills but would find dissatisfaction doing things that compromise the purpose of their creation.



          Dolls are glamoured to look like ordinary humans though can be created from any type of matter.  This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.  


Traits are abilities or powers you get for being a Doll these are always active.

Immortality- The state of possessing an infinite lifespan and an arresting aging process.

Skills of Creation - The skill of creation allows the doll to excel at the skills they were given when created. (Cooking, fighting, cleaning, talking, etc. must state in the application what skills you have)

Immunity - The ability to be immune to all poisons and human ailments.

Glamoured - Dolls are glamoured to appear human. Those who can detect race cannot detect the race of the doll.

Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities a Doll gets but must be activated.

Sigils of Power - Dolls can get new sigils from witches to give them new power. (Up to 4 sigils are allowed at a time excluding the one that created them)




Fragility - Each doll has its type of weakness depending on what they are created of those of straw would be weak to fire, those of porcelain would crack when damaged.
Healing - Dolls are not created from flesh and cannot be healed, they must be magically fixed with the magic of a witch.
Life Sigil- If the sigil that brought the doll to life is broken the doll will die.

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