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         Hunters are Humans created and trained from the age of children to fight and kill magical beings to protect humanity.  They go through what is known as The Hunter Trials given by the Order Of Culus, an ancient order created entirely to produce the most perfect Hunters by any means necessary.  This order is given children by their own parents, rescued children from the streets, or adopted from orphanages, or, very rarely, gets volunteers.  Though more of the chosen children die than survive the trials still, they are never short on children to convert to Hunters.  The order is known for producing the most hated and feared Hunters to ever walk the earth and pride themselves on the tasks they perform.  

The Hunter Trials


       The Hunter Trials are a set of grueling tests and processes that take place after a child is chosen.  During these trials, the young adepts are taught skills with the sword, supernatural lore, herbalism, and sigils while also being injected with mutagens, magic, and alchemical concoctions.  The series of trials are incredibly painful and tortuous, designed to create a supernatural killing machine with no emotions to slow them down like regret, remorse, kindness, or mercy.  At the end, those that survive become Hunters and are given even more training with not just the swords, but also with whatever weapon of their choice, hand-to-hand combat, and an even more in depth knowledge of the known supernatural races and sigils to protect themselves against them.

Trial Of Herbs

       This is the first of the trials and one of the most painful.  Special virus cultures plus alchemical ingredients, known as simply the Herbs, modifies the physiology of the subject, always a child.  The Herbs are a mixture of Vervain, Nightshade, Spear Grass, Wild Rye, and Wolfsbane.  These herbs are deadly against supernaturals yet also poisonous to humans.  They eat and tear at the insides of any who consume them.  This mixture is given to the adepts so they can gradually build an immunity to them along with protection against supernatural beings.  The children are immobilized as these concoctions are injected into their veins and also fed to them in various foods.  This entire trial takes months of agonizing, brutal, tortuous pain the child must go through in order to pass the trial.  Most adepts, as they become known as, are dead within the first week.  Those that survive go through periods of madness, hallucinations, wild rage, periods of vomiting, seizures, cold sweats, hard coughing, then into a deep stupor.  Their voices become hoarse and their breathing would be loud, fast, and labored.  When they awake, the process is repeated over and over until the adepts have no more symptoms of side effects.  Only 2, rarely 3, survive this first trial. The survivors advancing on to become full adepts while the bodies of those that didn't make it are disposed of by pyre.   

Trial Of Healing

       The Hunters are given a witch to heal them and help teach them Sigils. These Sigils are used to do a variety of things including but not limited to trapping demons, protection from demonic possession. This trial takes the longest as there are sigils for most anything.  There is an instructor, usually an older Hunter, and a Witch needed for this trial.  The instructor teaches them the sigils, beating the adept severely should they make even the smallest mistakes.  The instructor is incredibly cruel, often withholding food and water until they get whatever right.  The Witch acts kind and caring and becomes the adept's personal healer.  This Witch will heal them right after the Trial Of Herbs and heals them every time they are beaten.  When food and water are withheld, the Witch is allowed to sneak some in.  This is so a bond is created between the Witch and adept during the rest of the trials in preparations of the Trial Of Death. 

Trial Of Visions

       The first rite of this trial consists of a series of psychedelic visions induced into adepts by a Witch.  The second rite of the trial  further enhances the adept's abilities such as augmenting their night vision.  This trial however, also sterilizes their emotions.  Sometimes an adept will keep part of their emotions, like the bond they have with their healer.  It is important that a hunter has no emotions as they must be able to kill even someone that they may have befriended or had any kind of relationship with.  After all, an ordinary human could become any manner of supernatural completely by chance, circumstance, mistake, or fate.  A true hunter needs to be able to kill even the closest of allies should they discover they are anything but regular old humans.

Trail of Death

       This trial is the last of the trials, designed to test everything that has been done so far.  The adept is given a sword which they must use to kill the very Witch they bonded with while the Witch is able to use their magic.  This is to test the adept's emotions, fitness, and over all effectiveness in battle.  If an adept fails, or refuses to fight, both the Witch and the adept are killed.  This is the hardest test they must go through as each witch is extremely proficient with their magic and because of the bond that had been formed since the beginning of the Trials.  Should they survive this trial, they are sent with a mentor into the world to eliminate the supernatural threat.



          Hunters appear to be human in every way save one.  As hunters have stunted emotions, sometimes they appear cold and unrefined occasionally even downright cruel when they try to strike up conversations and socialize.  Though this can be masked by years of practice, newly formed hunters would be the complete dickhead of a neighbor or that total asshole co-worker.  Just being a royal prick doesn't necessarily mean you are a hunter though most Hunters are royal pricks. This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.   


Powers and Abilities a Hunter has that are always active.

Night vision - The ability to see clearly in total darkness.

Superhuman Reflexes - The ability to enhance the reflexes of oneself to unattainable normal human levels

Superhuman Speed - The ability to move, think and react at speeds well beyond human potential.

Superhuman Strength - The ability to have bodies that are much stronger and tougher than humans.

Superhuman Senses - The ability to have animal-like senses that function super accurate ( they can smell a wet animal when around a shifter, death around a vampire, and faint smells on a human like a dog would).




Mortality - though they may live much longer than humans they are still mortal and can die from sickness, or faitle wounds.

Emotionless - Hunters are exposed to a series of brutal trials which eventually robs them of the ability to feel emotions.

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