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         The Fae, also known as the Sidhe, are shrouded in mystery, secrets and are masters of magic, manipulation, illusion and elemental control. The Sidhe are generally believed to be kind and helpful but can also be petty and spiteful, especially if they feel they have been slighted or disrespected. With the power to influence and change luck, good or bad, it is best to never offend or attack a Sidhe. 


The Sidhe are divided into two courts: the Seelie and the Unseelie. Seelie Sidhe are generally considered to be light, good and benevolent, and the Unseelie are looked at as the opposite; two sides of the same coin. However, it is good to be wary when dealing with Sidhe of any court as they enjoy word games and tricks. Generally speaking, Unseelie prefer to harm humans, unlike Seelie who prefer to help; though a Sidhe’s version of help can sometimes be a strange, fickle thing. While each court has a reputation for a reason, individual Fae can defy the stereotype - a kind hearted Unseelie or a cruel, malevolent-minded Seelie, for example. 


The Sidhe have existed longer than most any other race and therefore have become accustomed to being shown respect for their age and knowledge, often times seeing other races as lesser. Because of their old lives the Sidhe respect all new life and find children and women very precious, especially since the Sidhe themselves are very slow to reproduce. Anything that breeds or can pass life on is worth keeping, so the Fae are particularly fond of cursing adulterers or any who would dare harm children of any race.  


While dealing with the Fae seems to be nothing but tricks and word games most of the time, it is uncertain to the outsider if this is because Fae cannot outright lie (a common belief) or simply because the sidhe are bluntly honest due to their strange codes of honor. It is always best to watch one’s words when dealing with them and asking for, or accepting, favors and gifts can often have unexpected consequences.


It is seen as a grave insult to use magic on a Sidhe without their permission and can be viewed as a challenge, depending on the individual Fae.  Additionally, due to their love of beauty in all things (though their idea of beauty can sometimes seem alien to mortals), it can also be seen as an insult if you ignore someone who is obviously trying to be attractive and therefore will always say something nice the first time seeing someone in a state of undress. While each Sidhe is different, they will show respect to another’s title as it is viewed as an insult to fail to do so.



                                                                           Laws of the Sidhe


There are laws set forth by both courts which all Fae are expected to follow, those who are found breaking them can become Fae touched, banished or even killed, depending on the extent of the infraction.

Law of Peace: No Fae shell harm another Fae without provocation, be it an insult or physical/magical attack.


Law of Silence: No Fae shell share any information or secrets of the realm or those in it. The two biggest infractions are showing non-Fae how to access the Fae realm without permission and sharing the weaknesses of the Fae, thus giving other races a way to bring harm upon them. Note: Non-Fae visitors (voluntarily or not) can be brought into the Realm, the issue arises when a Fae shows them how to enter or leave the Realm on their own.  


Law of Magic: Fae do not use magic on higher Fae as it is an insult to them unless permission is granted. The exception to this is obviously healing if a Fae’s life is in danger and is not in a position to provide consent.


Law of Binds: No Fae shall be enslaved by one of their own unless they have become Fae touched, which can result from a broken oath or a grave insult. Anyone, Fae or not, who has an oath or obligation to a Fae will encounter consequences for breaking that oath or obligation. However, this goes both ways because a Fae’s word is bond; if a Fae has given their oath or owes an obligation to another, Fae or not, they will also suffer consequences for breaking them.





          Fae have all sorts of forms and all sorts of appearances depending on what subspecies they are. Every Fae will fall under either the Seelie or the Unseelie Court, all but the Queen/King who presides over all courts. All Fae can use Glamour and would disguise themselves to look as close to human as possible to keep the Veil intact.  Some even have multiple forms, and it is possible that you might have met the same Fae a hundred times and no idea it was the same creature each time.  


ALL Fae must adhere to the RP and Sim Rules/Guidelines as well as the limitations and such of the Fae lore here in Malum.  This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set-in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.  


​Power and Traits: 

The abilities listed below are standard for all Fae, regardless of their rank. 


*Traits are abilities that are always active.

Power - Flight -  Winged Fae possess the natural ability of flight and do not need to choose this in the book of powers. Only Fae who posses wings gain this innately and it is not court dependent. If your  sub-race of Fae (Pixie, Faerie, Dragon etc.) Does not have wings in their natural form, you will need to choose flight from the book of powers. If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact the Fae Lead.


Trait: Omni-Linguism - Fae have the ability to speak and understand any form of language.


Trait: Immortality - Fae have an infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process. This also grants them immunity to all human diseases and viruses.


Trait: Nimble - Fae have very fast agility and are ably to dodge almost anything.


Trait: Allure - Fae possess extraordinary beauty and be highly desirable and enticing to others.


Powers are abilities that must be activated to use them.


Power: Glamour - Fae use the ability to modify their appearance with glamour i.e. eye color, hair color, and shape shifting to appear as animals or other creatures.


Power: Luck - Fae can change the luck for good or bad fortune.


Power: Elemental Control- Fae have the ability to control and create the elements light, darkness, earth, plants, wind, fire and/or water. Which element and light/dark depends upon the court and season the Fae belongs to (chosen at time of character creation). 


Power: Portal Creation - The ability to open inter-dimensional portals to travel between dimensions.


Power: Telepathy - The ability to mentally communicate through the mind with others.


Elemental and Light/Dark Powers as determined by Court and Season: 


Seelie Court - Spring 


Power: Aerokinesis- Fae of spring can create and control wind with their mind. (only for Fae of spring)


Power: Photokinesis- Seelie Fae can create and control light with their mind. (only for Seelie)


Seelie Court - Summer 


Power: Pyrokinesis- Fae of summer can create and control fire with their mind. (only for Fae of summer)


Power: Photokinesis- Seelie Fae can create and control light with their mind. (only for Seelie)


Unseelie Court - Autumn 


Power: Geokinesis- Fae of fall can create and control earth and plants with their mind. (only for Fae of fall)


Power: Umbrokinesis- Unseelie Fae can create and control darkness with their mind. (only for Unseelie)


Unseelie Court - Winter 


Power: Hydrokinesis- Fae of winter can create and control water with their mind. (only for Fae of winter)


Power: Umbrokinesis- Unseelie Fae can create and control darkness with their mind. (only for Unseelie)


Fae may choose two (2) powers from the book of powers. Choosing which season you serve under will grant your elemental and light/dark powers. For those that wish to apply for the position of prince or princess, contact the Fae Race Lead or another staff member for more information! 


There are additional powers granted to different ranks that stay with that rank. These are detailed to those who are appointed to those ranks at the time of appointment. They are not listed here to avoid confusion.


Fae Ranks: 


Fae Monarch (King or Queen)

Leader of all Fae kind, no matter their court or season. 


Prince or Princesses of the Courts: 

Each season has a representative at Court, appointed by the Fae Realm through the Fae Monarch. These individuals are the leaders of their respective seasons, below the Monarch. 



The rest of the Sidhe Fae will fall under the titles of Lord or Lady if they advise a Prince or Princess and Ser or Dame if they assist the court they fall under. They will gain all the powers under their house and Type.


Common Fae


Those who do not fall under the court's politics who are normally seen as lesser Fae, hold no power in the court but follow all the rules set by them. They fall under a season and will gain the powers under that house.


​Fae touched


Those who have insulted the Fae and are now tied to the one the insulted. The result of being Fae touched will be decided by the Fae who who placed the touch upon the individual and that Fae is the only one who can control them. All can become Fae touched: Fae, Shifters, Vampires, Witches, Humans, Hunters, Demons, Angels, Gifted. 

Age Requirements

The minimum (Lowest) Character age a fae can have is 100 years Old. This is not speaking of appears to be age for blending with mortals. This is the ACTUAL age of the fae




Iron: Fae are burned when they come in contact with iron. The amount of iron and the duration of the exposure determines how severe the reaction is. External exposure will cause burns, weakness and in sufficient quantities can even kill a Fae. Internally, iron can act as a poison to the Fae unless cured. Iron can also be used to trap Fae as it can cause interference with their magic; for example a Fae enclosed in an iron cage or iron plated room or bound with iron shackles. The age and strength of a Fae greatly determines how much or little iron is required to truly injure or contain them.


True Name: unknown to many but the Fae never give their True Name to another, as possessing a Fae’s true name gives an individual power over that Fae. However, a Fae cannot be forced to give their name against their will (though trickery to find it out is completely acceptable, if someone thinks they can out trick a Fae!).  


Oath Bound: an oath, promise or obligation made to or by a Fae is magically binding. If a Fae breaks it, they will be banished from the realm, and if the other breaks it they become Fae touched or worse.


                                                                         Fae Optional weakness: 


Every Fae is different and may choose a weakness or two to create a unique character. (Some suggestions are listed below or you can create your own. These additional weaknesses are meant to be fun role-play opportunities.)


Shiny Objects: Fae are very susceptible to shiny objects and are often seen dressed in sequins and gems. While this particular weakness does not incapacitate them, it could possibly be useful in distracting them.


Salt: when split the Fae will have the urge to stop and count the grains. While this particular weakness does not incapacitate them, it could possibly be useful in distracting them.


Forget-Me-Nots: Repel Fae with their scent, and if consumed, these flowers stop the flow of magic inside of a Fae for a short time, cutting them off from nature. In sufficient quantities they can also render a Fae unconscious.


Being called Wee one: a lesser Fae, smaller Fae or a half Fae, who is looked down upon by others. This term can be a trigger when used.


Being called Large one: a Sidhe, larger Fae or a court member who is looked down upon by others. This term can be a trigger when used.


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