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          Demons were human souls, tortured, and twisted into the dark evil creatures we know today, or so the legends say. The Creator, after making humans, demanded that the Virage protect them.  After the great war, those who fought the creator, were banished into the dark realm. Mortal souls were being pulled into the dark and light realms twisted into new creations. This is where Demons originated. They are beings of pure darkness said to create deals for mortals to steal their souls for power. With age comes great responsibility, the older, the demon is the stronger they are, and the more knowledge they have obtained as they have obtained more souls The Older demons would also have a more in-depth understanding of the realms. As the Demons age, they are better able to Master themselves and have better control over the demon and vessel union.


                   These are Tiers of demons and set the pecking order of demons and their standing order from high to low

The Fallen - These demons first in creation. They were his followers and supporters and were rewarded upon the fall with Commanding Legions of demons, as well as titles while maintaining seals and keys to the gates of the realm.  3 powers (5 slots including the lead)

Arch Demons - These demons make up the rest of the council for the head of the dark court. They hand out the tasks and punishments ordered from the fallen and creators acting as enforcers for the Prince/Princess of darkness. They are loyal to the council to a fault. Arch Demons can lead their own small legions.  (8 Slots allowed) 3 powers

Royal Demons- These demons were created by the fallen as the elites and as the protectors of the dark realm's throne.  3 powers

Collectors - These demons were created to collect souls from mortals, by tainting the souls of humans and corrupting them.   2 powers

Hell Knights- These demons were created to battle angels. Also looked at as the base and majority of the demon population.  2 powers

Hell Hounds - These demons are the guard dogs of the demon realm. They would be sent to retrieve souls that faulted on deals and tried to run. This tier of demons is the lowest tier of demons though also one of the most feared and brutal. They are created with the power of Portal creation to help carry out their duties.  1 Power to choose from


Sub race


Thrall-Those who are mortal servants to demons.

                 *Other tiers of demons can achieve fallen status. The only ones that can not are Hell hounds as they have a very specific reason for creation. Must be done in roleplay over time.




        You can only see a demon if you have the ability to see spirits and even then, only after casting a spell or using some sort of enchantment or charm.  Otherwise, they look like any other human walking down the street. 

Demons live on the spiritual dimension and are only able to take possession of any human without any sort of sigil or protection specifically against demonic possession. 

In the spiritual realm, some demons have wings such as a succubus, an incubus, the Royal Demons, imps, and a few others, (contact an Admin on your chosen type of demon for wing approval).  This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress your host accordingly.   


                                 Traits are abilities or powers you get for being a Demon they are always active.

Immortality - Demons do not age and cannot be killed by any ailment or mortal damage.

Invulnerability - Demons in their pure form can only be killed by demons, angels and the creator.

Omni-Linguism - Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various ways.

Super Senses - Demons enhance their vessels' senses to a superhuman level.

Supernatural Perception - Demons are able to see almost all supernatural activity around them.

Soul Reaping-
Able to pull souls from anything with a soul(OOC Consent needed)

Hells Gate- Able to open or create the doorway to the demon realm

Celestial Telepathy-Able to use telepathy to speak with angels and demons

Powers & Abilities

Powers and Abilities a Demon has but must activate to use them.

Exorcism – Demons have the ability to exorcise and send lower-tier demons back to Hell with a snap of their fingers.
Mind control – Demons can influence and control the actions of human beings.

Possession – Unless specifically protected from possession, a demon can enter any human and take over their bodies.
Resurrection – Demons have the ability to resurrect themselves and their vessel.

Smiting - Smiting allows the Demon to kill almost any angel, demon, monster, and human with a touch.

Telepathy – Demons have shown the ability to read minds.

Telekinesis – Demons can influence an object's movement with their minds.

Umbrakinesis - The ability to control the dark/shadows.

Fear Amplification - The ability to amplify another being's fear.

Sublimation - Ability to transform into a gaseous, mist, or fog-like form.

Nightmare Weaving - Demons have the ability to enter the dreams of any that are sleeping without mental protection and manipulate and create nightmares

Flight - Demons in their demon form have the ability of flight


Angels – Angels have the power to banish demons with a touch. (OOC consent must be obtained)

Magic - is able to paralyze demons and place them in a weakened state or even banish or kill them.

Banishing Sigil - This sigil is capable of banishing all demons.(Banishing is not a permanent thing. It is more of deportation. OOC consent must be obtained first)

Exorcism - Demons can be exorcised and sent back to the Demon realm by force

Silver- While not toxic to a demon. They will find it annoying and repulsive to their sight and touch.

Pure Salt - A binding salt circle can be used to contain a demon. However it can be broken by anybody not just the original creator.


         Thralls are the mortal servants of demons. Demons choose thralls from among the ambitious, vengeful, crippled, and bereft men and women who feel cheated by the world, deprived of the lives they deserve. When the Thrall symbiotic relationship is formed, thralls are gifted with several supernatural or enhanced mundane abilities by their masters, and in turn serve them either by deed or by delivering souls to them. The master-thrall relationship cannot be altered by the mortal no matter how they violate the pact, but the demon can cancel their pact at any time. Thralls retain their free will which can be a challenge for the Master. Those that can sign the contract of the demon pact are Humans, Gifted, Witches, Shifters, Vampires, and Hunters who did not go through the trials.

Powers & Abilities & Traits

Powers and Abilities you get for just being Thralled. Traits are always active.


Demon Master's Mimicry- The Master Demon gives a permanently copy of one of their powers to their thrall.
Discord - Thralls are able to use the ability to create conflict between others.

Master's Summoning- Thralls are able to summon their Master and be summoned by their Master.

Telepathy - Thralls have the ability to communicate through one’s mind with their Master.

(Thralls that are Witches, Vampires, Shifters, or Gifted can choose a power from the book of powers)


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