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Malum Audit/MCAN




          Friday could have been called exciting if anyone remembered anything that happened that day.  After spending the last few days interviewing those I met everywhere in Malum.  No one remembers their whereabouts for sure last Friday all day until midnight the next day.  Some just assumed they were doing their usual routine, though not one person could say, without doubt, what they were doing, who they were with, or even if they had coffee in the morning.  The entire day seems to be a mystery for everyone.  This phenomenon does not seem to have taken place outside of Malum City, which only deepens the suspiciousness of it all.   No one can explain exactly what happened, and even having the air, ground, and water scientifically examined did not yield results.  That just raises the questions, what really happened that day and why is it that no one within the immediate area can recall the entire day from midnight to midnight?  

          All this seems eerily similar to the 1951 incident in Pont-Saint-Esprit, France, where residents experienced hallucinations.  One man, Leon Armunier, stated “I had the sensation of shrinking and shrinking, and the fire and the serpents coiling around my arms”, in an article from BBC published in August, 2010 and written by Mike Thomson.  The article covered the mysterious and bizarre event of that town and the mystery surrounding it.  While this incident was officially blamed on a local bakery, claiming that ergot, a fungus which naturally grows on rye, many dispute this fact.  In 2009, a reporter, named Hank Albarelli, found top secret CIA documents that point to LSD experimentation, a practice done all over the world by many government agencies around the globe during the early 1950s with the Korean conflict and high Cold War tensions.  Though none of our residents can honestly remember what happened Friday, let alone if there were mass hallucinations, questions still come to mind.  Were the residents of our sleepy city of Malum drugged by some top secret government agency?  Could this be some covert operation performed by our government or another entity from across the globe?  While the situations seem similar, without any proof showing itself yet, we might never know, but it definitely sends chills up the spine of this reporter.  




Article By:

Alyssa Peach

March18, 2022

Spring Masquerade Ball!


          Sebastian Acheron held yet two spectacular Masquerade Balls on February 26th and 27th.  Both events went off without a single hitch, and all who joined in the fun seemed to have a very enchanting evening.  One eager participant missed the formal memo and showed up in body paint and boxer shorts. However, none seemed to give him grief over it.  All in all, a spectacular event complete with live butterflies fluttering around the dancing couples.  He really outdid himself with this one, and this reporter had the most lovely time.  I cannot wait for the next one, which is presumably sometime this summer, as it seems to be a trend to hold one every season.  What will he do to top this one?  That is anyone's guess, however, one thing is for sure, it is sure to be an amazing event!

Written by Lulu Sekoni
February 28, 2022

Acheron Winter Masquerade

Malum Masquerade.jpg

          In the afternoon of January 7th, at the Acheron Mansion, there was a beautiful masquerade ball with a black and white theme.  Many were in attendance, except our so gracious host, who had been sadly called away on urgent business.  So many were dressed in their finest, with masks varying from very beautiful to quite peculiar.  Other than one fine gentleman hopping on a table and breaking a few dishes, the whole event went off without a single hitch, much to our host's delight. I'm sure.  This reporter herself was in attendance. and the mood around the room seemed light and carefree.  All in all, I would even venture to say it was enjoyable for us all.  I for one would like to publically thank our host for such a lovely evening. and look forward to seeing what other events he might have in store for all of us!

Written by Lulu Sekoni

January 9, 2022



The new high way has now opened for  business and local officials believe it will really boost the economy with tourism expected to reach all time highs, new small businesses to open in town, and new citizens to help grow and make Malum City even better than it already is.  There have been man concerns about the new road bringing a fresh set of criminals and add to the local crime rate however, the police of chief stated that they are already starting to add to their ranks in order to keep up with whatever demand this new road brings upon them. We at the Malum Audit swear to ensure you have all the latest on these developments so stay with us as we continue to monitor the situation.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!

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