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The History Of Malum City

Discovery and Settlement


          Malum City is located in the deep forests of Oregon. One road, made of asphalt, leads out of town. The other, made more of gravel and dirt, leads into the surrounding woods. It is an ancient city first settled by the Vampires of Acheron and the pagan coven of Allura. This would be the stronghold for the Vampires of Acheron and their allies, the coven of Allura. Malum, first called Aichalam in ancient times, was a land full of resources, small towns, and villages, and two powerful kingdoms, one of man and one of the Fae. The Fae tended to nature until man came with their greed and deceitfulness. This led to the land of Aichalam being split between the two kingdoms and creating strife among its people. Peace in the Aichalam would come to its end when the human King would set out to remove the Fae from their land and started a war of Man and Magic.

War Of Man and Magic


     Before the world was divided as we know it today, it was untied by land and realm. But like always, humans seeking power bring destruction. War broke throughout the world as humans wished to claim power, the power of Fae and the power the Pagan’s harness. The human king of Aichalam started the campaign of power and to eradicate the Fae and Pagans. This king was known for his heartless behavior and cruel tendencies. He would force his son to watch the death of men, women, and children who defied him, and if the boy did not watch, he beat the boy to the edge of death. This king would ransack every village, town, and kingdom that stood in his path to the Fae kingdom. The war brought a lot of plague, famine, and death to the once rich land. For now, the earth of Aichalam gleamed in dark red blood. a dark foggy feeling of dread was felt by all when the human King reached the kingdom of the Fae. In full force, the human king would send all of his people to their slaughter against the magic of the Fae and Pagans, whose forces were strong on the battlefield. This battle would mark the fate of Aichalam and set forth a long chain of events to mark today. The Fae leader joined in alliance with the Pegan leader, against the humans. They took the south as their home and protected it with their lives. As the humans raided the Pegan leader helped the Fae create a portal to their realm to bring in more magic to the world to eradicate the humans who threaten them. Somewhere down the many years of fighting, the Fae and Pegan lost sight of their goal and targeted all humans. This would take over fifteen years to end due to the Pegan leader's mistake. The Pegan leader, before the war, was a woman of nature.  She bore her only child, a boy strong in healing magic. This child was the only life she cared for now and that would all change at the end of the war of Magic and Man. When the war hit their home, the Pegan leader and her son took to the battlefield, healing the warriors and sending them back into battle. Little did she know her son had made a love pact with a human from the enemy kingdom. He left the rear and headed to the frontline. The Pegan leader felt a sharp pain crush her heart. At that point, she knew her son was hurt. She ran to find him in the arms of a human man, dead. The Pegan leader used her Telekinesis to toss the human away from her dead son.  She grabbed him in her arms and began to cry. The human slowly staggers up and yells at the leader to leave the son alone, she being part of the reason why this happened. The Pegan leader tossed the human boy again, this time into a tree. She started yelling at her son’s body, telling him she warned him about humans. The human boy again staggered up to his feet and approached the Pegan leader. He tossed his weapons aside, telling her she can kill him if she must, but she was not taking him from her son alive, tears still streaming down the human's face. The Pegan leader felt the love the human felt for her son as she laid him down. She turned to the human and used her powers on him again. As he forced himself to his feet, the Pegan leader walked over to him, taking up the sword he tossed aside, pulled him up by his hair, and told him if he wanted to be with her son so badly he can die like him, and plunged the sword into his chest. As the cold silver blade began to tear into the boy's flesh, he pulled a knife from his boot and plunged it into the Pegan leader's heart.  She too felt the cold metal and pushed away from the human. The boy fell to his backside looking to the sky as the raindrops fell to his face. He turned his head to find his love, grinning when he saw him, as blood began to run from his mouth. The Pegan leader gazed at the two boys lying beside each other, and her hatred of humans corrupted and clouded all her thoughts. She decided to use the last of her life to curse the boy. The curse would start once he took his last breath.  He would rise from the dead anew, with all his memories of his life, his love reincarnated each time, with no memory of his past life, not even his love for the cursed boy.  As soon as the two met, the human boy's lover would die in the boy's arms again, and this was to happen repeatedly for all eternity.  Unfortunately, the Pegan did not know what new evil she created as she died, a dark blood-lusting demon. The boy woke from his death and saw his dead lover again. This put him in a rage as he picked up the lover, and with his newfound powers ripped apart every Fae, Pegan, and Human on the battlefield, wiping out half of their armies and ending the war of Man and Magic.

The Blood Demon and The Allure Witch

      A thousand years or so after the war of Man and Magic, the land Aichalam had become divided from the war. Chaos still plagued throughout the land, and a demon that craved blood ravaged most of the northern realm every few hundred years. No one was safe and would only know peace from their nights when the light of the sun would peak at the skies. On one of the blackest nights, even the moon's light left the sky, and the blood demon would again strike against the land, this time he hit a village with a powerful witch.  As the demon ravaged through the village,  he would come face to face with the witch, and for some reason could not end her. The witch would softly place her hand on his blood-soaked face, looked him in the eyes, and both shared the pain he felt. The demon pushed himself away from the witch, turning his attention to his bloody hands before running off from the town. When daylight came, the witch followed the trail of dried blood to a cave. Once the witch reached the mouth of the cave, she could hear crying. She would step in slowly and make her way to the sobs coming from within. The witch discovered the blood demon caressing another man in his arms. The witch could feel why the demon did what he did and would offer the demon aid. She told the demon she could not bring the dead back to the living, but she could heal the demon's wounds. The witch asked the demon why this happened and the demon stayed silent holding the lifeless body. The witch tells the demon she can use her powers to figure it out however, would rather the two talk it out. The demon nodded to the witch and explained his story to her. The witch felt for the demon and offered to fix what she can about his curse, but first offered to give his lover a Pegan burial to which the demon agreed. After the burial, the witch asked the demon to remain in the cave until the next night, as she had to prep to help him. The demon agreed and awaited in the cave until the next night. The night seemed longer than most as he waited until almost sunrise. The demon would see a figure coming toward the cave. He would attempt to leave the cave, but would set farther inside and wait to remember his promise. The figure of the witch would enter the cave and she had a bag full of things the demon had never seen before. As the witch removed the items from the bag, she explained to the demon that she found a way to remove the curse of reliving his darkest moments for all eternity. The demon blindly and carelessly accepts the offer. The witch told the demon that unfortunately, she could not fix the other curse, for that power was long forgotten thousands of years ago. The demon ignored everything else explained, wanting to stop the curse that plagued his world. The witch removed a ring from her finger and asked the demon to put it on. She told him it would help them start the spell. The witch explained to the demon that he would have to remain in the cave until she came back for him. It would be painful and difficult, but for it to work he must. The demon agreed and placed the ring on his finger. The witch would start by blocking the back of the cave using her elemental control, then moved toward the front of the cave and did the same, leaving the two locked inside. The witch would ask for the demon's hand, pricked his finger, and have him draw sigils around the cave. The witch would finish the spell by mixing the blood of the demon and a few herbs in the bowl. She asked the demon to give her a Pegan burial before slicing her neck over the bowl and ending her life to activate the spell. The demon quickly ran to the witch's side and begged her to come back. The sigils trapped him in the cave and weakened his powers. The demon did as the witch asked and gave her the burial, then waited within his prison. The hours turned into days, and the days turned into years until over five hundred years passed. The body of the demon had turned into a mummified statue from being starved, but he was still alive. A light began to peak from the old mouth of the cave and a figure slowly moved toward the demon. The demon knew this spirit, it was the witch, but she was different. The figure reached out her hand, showing a flask filled with blood. The witch would pour it into the mouth of the demon to help him slowly become his former self. After a full day, the demon had recovered and stepped to the edge of the cave. The witch told him the sun would no longer bother him because the blood he drank was enchanted to protect him, and the ring she gave him added extra protection. The demon slowly stepped out of the cave and greeted the witch, properly thanking her for her help and asking to see his lover. The witch explained that with the curse finally being broken, the demon's lover was no longer among the living, at least, the spirit that he once loved was not. The demon could not believe he had lost his love forever this time. The witch helped calm him with her power of empathy. After a few days, the witch would explain to the demon that his cursed eternal life could be looked at as a gift. He could be the catalyst to form a new world, and that his lover was a true Pegan and his spirit could return if he wished it. The Demon agreed and formed the alliance of the Acheron vampires and the Allure Coven. This alliance would form the foundation of Malum.

The Alliance and The Shifters

     With the discovery of the Americas, and during the start of colonizing them, native shifters were pushed from the east to the west, hunted like wild beasts. This led to packs fighting other packs for land and resources. This also led the Shifters around Malum to become more hostile. Malum was no longer a haven for the Allure coven or a home for the Acheron Vampire, but a battleground for the land. The Alpha of the Wadatika Shifter clan drew together the other shifter pacts to defend its borders. Little did the Alliance know that their home sat on this border. The Wadatika ordered the Alliance gone, but they refused, and this started the war on the plains of Wadatika and Malum. The shifter tribe did not know what they faced, demons who drank the blood of their prey and magical humans who have full control of the elements. Their mere weapons and tactics never stood a chance, so the Alpha allowed her people to show their true form, beasts. Large animals with enhanced strength and abilities, and could heal faster than humans. With this, the Beast Warriors of Wadatika nearly wiped out the Coven of Allure, killing their leader Sirena Allure. The Vampire Lord Acheron hearing of this, decided enough was enough and took to the battlefield as his former self, the Blood Demon. With a singular glance, he would turn any creature that dared to look into his eyes to stone, or any that would harm another witch or vampire would be disintegrated. He used his powerful abilities to strike fear into the enemy, calling for their leader to step forward. A large bear stepped from the pack and returned to her human form, the leader. The blood demon asked for a duel to end the fighting. The one who won would keep the land and the one who loses also loses their life. The Alpha agreed and returned to her bear form. This battle was of pure strength and ability, no powers, no tricks, no help. The two battled for days, neither letting up, except on the last day. Hunters found a cub, no a child, the alpha's own child, and began to hunt it. The child ran onto the battlefield screaming for her mother. The Alpha turned to find her child before taking a knock-out blow from the blood demon. As the Alpha hit the floor, her eyes peer off toward the child, her sight a daze. The blood demon began to deliver the final blow before hearing the child's screams. His attention quickly turned to her and saw the hunters. He looked back to the Alpha and leapt to the child, ripping apart the hunters after her. The child made her way to her mother, both switched to their human forms, as the child grabbed on to her mother. The Vampire made his way back to the pair as the Alpha asks he not kill her in front of her child. The Vampire agreed, he asks for something from the alpha in payment for taking his only friend from him.  A life of someone she loves more than the child. The Alpha had no one and set up ready to fight again. The Vampire started to walk away and offered the Alpha to leave his land with the child and protect the Allure witches going forward. The Alpha agreed, and when the Coven leader was resurrected, made a stable pack with them to share all hunting grounds with the Allure witches, putting Malum finally into a peaceful state. 

The Veil of Malum Oregon

      With so much bloodshed and death in Oregon, the Wadatika pack and the Allure witches decided that it's best to keep their races secret. This helped preserve the lives of many their people. A few wars happened after this Veil came over Malum. There was the civil war of the United States, which did not affect Oregon as much as the rest of the country. With the evolution of the world around it, Malum also evolved slowly. The small village has now become a town run by the vampires. Shifters have also settled in with the witches, and now even Fae have begun to show themselves to the other supernatural races. All of them are hidden from humans. Malum is in a world of its own, and it seems to draw others to it daily. The new road through the town has opened many more possibilities for the land and its people. Who are you? What will you do? And why does this land call out to you?

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