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          Gifted are ordinary humans who are born with or have attained extraordinary ability. Gifted share a close connection to the supernatural and have long played a role in this world. Gifted can either be born with their ability or gain an ability through the influence of outside forces. Certain abilities are hereditary and run strong in certain bloodlines, meaning that children can inherit a supernatural ability from their parents, grandparents, or even their ancestors. Another Gifted gain their ability through the experience of traumatic or supernatural events. Humans who have had a near-death experience or even a temporary clinical death may gain a Gifted ability. However, not all Gifted have a true reason or source for their abilities, as some gifted abilities manifest for no apparent reason other than possible fate. Gifted may choose whether or not they embrace their abilities. Some view it as a gift while others see it as a curse.



          Gifted look like normal human beings.  The only difference is in what they can do as they are able to wield a type of magic.  They could be your mother, sister, your next-door neighbor, your boss, or even your local policeman or the mayor.  No way of telling unless you actually see them doing something.  This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.  

Powers and Abilities


          You are allowed to have up to four powers.  As you go to the character creation portion of this website, click on the book of powers and open it in a new tab for reference.  You may choose any of the powers listed there as your powers.  As a human, you will have pretty much the same abilities as a human unless you have had special training which you will need to include in your back story.  Remember to include how you acquired the special skills and who you learned them from I.E., special training camp, mentor, relative, etc.  Should you not explain how you achieved the special skills then you don't have them.


Mortality - Gifted can die of old age and share many of the same weaknesses as non-supernatural beings.

Magic - Gifted are susceptible to the influences of magic and witchcraft being human.

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