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Character Creation

         Below are just a few pointers on some key details to think about when creating your characters.  Just a few things to keep in mind as you fill out your application.  Please read through all the information carefully and take note of it all.  We tried to make it as easy as possible to read for any new player that might need extra information and/or ideas when filling out the Application.


 Legacy Name, Character Age, & RL Age

       This section is self explanatory, however, there are a few things you need to consider when filling out these parts of the character application.


  First of all, please double check to ensure that the SECONDLIFE LEGACY NAME IS CORRECTLY SPELLED.  This is EXTREMELY important as this is how we find and contact you about your application.  If your name is misspelled, we will be unable to reach you.



 When filling out both age slots, please consider the following.  We ask your TRUE Real Life Age because our sim is ADULT and as such, we CANNOT have underaged children roaming about.  There CAN BE and ARE ADULT situations that happen in Malum.  As such, we must do everything we can to ensure that our role players are adults, as best we can, in order to both protect ourselves and every role player that has chosen to call Malum City their home. 




Your Character Age needs to be your Character's TRUE age not the age they look like.  Example: If you have a Vampire who was turned when they are 30, that might be the age they appear to be. However, if they were turned in 1920, their age is not 30.  Their age would actually be 102 years old.  What age you look like can be put in a titler, RP tool, or in your post if you feel so inclined to.  You can even place it in your backstory too if you want.  Your character's age will determine just how much you have become skilled with your powers.  After all, mastery of anything takes time, persistence, and hard work to achieve. 


We did not set out a guide however, we do ask that you keep it somewhat realistic and not bring an 18 year old gifted and try to say that they managed to master all their powers.  Every power takes time to master and we encourage all to take the time to practice their powers via RolePlay and notecard the process.







       Let's start with choosing what race your character will be.  This is one of the first steps in your journey in Character Creation.   Read through each race carefully, and pay special attention to their powers, lore, and weaknesses.  You need to additionally note any special things about them or any sort of effects they might have on others. Races will have different reactions to them than they would if they were regular humans, and they smell and feel differently than normal humans.  This was just an example, but other races might have different effects on others or are sensed automatically by other beings.  Its important that you know your race's special effects, abilities, and other things as you will be expected to notify others either through a post or by private message so they know how their own character will react.  Plus, it is important to know what powers they ALREADY have just for being what they are so you do not choose that power for yourself, not realizing they already have it.  That brings us to the next step of the process.





       Now let's talk about powers.  When choosing what powers to have, think about who your character is and what you want them to be able to achieve.  Also remember that your character's age will determine what powers you have mastered and what still needs work.  Each one has a set of powers they get for just being that race.  For example, Vampires are already Immortal, can use Compulsion, Dream Manipulation, and have Heightened Senses.  You do not need to pick any of those powers from the Book Of Powers as you already have them.  Depending on how old you are will depend on how strong those powers are.  


          When filling out your Backstory, there are several things to keep in mind.  First is that this will set up the personality and history of your character so think hard on what you wish those to be.  Where did they come from?  How did they become what they are now?  How did they discover what they were able to do?  Did they have any help along the way?  What kind of Skills did they pick up along as they grew?  These questions are key to a good backstory.  Example: Your character was turned into a Vampire when they were 25 years old.  Who was the Vampire that turned them and how old were they?  What did they teach you and did you pick up any extra skills over the years?  Skills are different from Powers/Abilities as these are things learned and not magical in nature.  Such things are like being a Mechanic, Singing, Playing an Instrument, etc.  IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE IT IN YOUR BACKSTORY IT DOESNT EXIST!  We cant stress that enough.  We might let you edit or reroll your character later however, you ONLY GET ONE REROLL and ONE EDIT.  You can learn these skills while role playing by yourself or with others. However, you will need to save those notecards in case there is a dispute that you know them later.  


          Now that you have finished filling everything out, all that is left is submitting right?  WRONG! Double check everything to ensure it includes all the information mentioned before, and that your Legacy Name is correct so that we can find you in SecondLife to contact you with either an approval or with questions any of our management team may need to ask you.  Just before submitting, we suggest copying your backstory onto your clipboard or putting it somewhere you can reach it easily, in case something goes wrong with the application and you have fill it out again.  It is a rare occurrence, however, it has happened and is sure to happen again.  We just want you to be aware of it now just in case, however, we do not expect any issue.  Now, you can click Submit Application, we will view it, and contact you as soon as possible.  Please be patient and give our team 24 to 48 hours to get back with you.  If we have not by the third day, either find one of us via SecondLife Legacy names, chrischavez Resident or by filling out a contact form on this website.  You can also contact turnoffate Resident, and he can get ahold  of me.  Otherwise, just be patient as we will get with you sooner rather than later.

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