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        Spiritual beings that can travel from the spirit realm to the mortal realm were said to be the first creation of the creator. After the creator manifested mankind they were sent as a special elite order to be the shepherds of the mortals. They were tasked to observe and watch over the mortals and report back on their progress. However, they were confined by the divine not to interfere in the mortal world. Unfortunately, some decided to ignore the creator and defy their orders and became teachers of the mortals, with unfortunate repercussions for both the celestials defying the creator and the mortals.

There were Seven of these elite shepherds that decided to defy the creator and Four who reported back about the Seven's misdeeds. For this, the Seven were gifted with a sin for their indiscretions, and are now known as the Dark Virage.

First was the Dark Virage of Sloth for not following the task given to him by the creator. Second was the Dark Virage of Lust for mating with mortals and creating hybrids. The Third was the Dark Virage Wrath for taking up arms against the creator after being punished. The Fifth was Dark Virage of Envy for wanting to be with the mortals more but was against the creator's will. The Sixth was Dark Virage Gluttony for overindulging with mortals teaching them and feeding from their emotions, and the Last was Dark Virage of Pride for leading the pack against the creator and not coming back for their punishment.

The Four Virage that spoke against the Dark Virage was gifted with great power to help control and manifest the world. This led to the Great Holy War pinning brother versus brother. However, the story is not completely true. You will hear that a Dark Lord of the underworld will take un-pure souls after the loss he faced during the war. However, if you seek both ends of the story the creator may no longer be pulling the life strings of the mortal realm anymore.


Virage Being the beings that created the war of light and dark took the form they were cast with Virage of light created their form to look like their angelic brothers and sisters. Where the Dark Virage created a darker turn looking like their demonic brothers and sisters. their true form is unknown.


The Virage & Their Powers

Virage of Dark Main Powers


Pride- negates powers used on them
Gluttony– power costs less energy to use allowing more usage
Envy- copy a power used on them (two powers can be copied at a time and powers must come from the book of powers)
Greed– temporary steals a power used on them ( can only steal the power for 24 hours power must come from the book of powers)
Wrath– Buff’s powers used for themselves
Lust– Find the person’s deepest desire and amplify it with illusions
Sloth– place others to sleep and control their dreams

Virage of Light Main Powers

War – Reactive adaptation changes the body to temporarily resist or become immune to any type of injury or exposure.
Pestilence– Create disease, poisons, and sickness.
Famine– Control plants to help them flourish or set them to decay.
Death– Corrosive touch ages things rapidly or rots them.

Powers and Traits


Trait: Virage Healing- The Virage are able to heal from sustained wounds and injuries at a rapid speed.

Trait: Immortality- The Virage have an infinite lifespan.

Trait: Immune- The Virage are Immune to the illnesses of mortals and their gifts.

Power: Celestial Weapon Creation- A weapon of a Virage choice blessed by the blood of the most powerful , this weapon repeals Virage energy. Only few are bestowed such weapons. (Admin Approved only for the Highest Rank)

Trait: Omni-Linguism - Ability to understand any form of language, a natural polyglot. This can be accomplished in various ways.
Trait: Super Senses - Virage senses are above a superhuman level.
Power: Supernatural Perception - Virage are able to see all supernatural activity around them.
Power: Opening pocket realms - The ability to create a pocket realm to take  anybody of any race into a world closed off into their own energy that cannot be accessed by another being or spirit
Trait: Celestial Telepathy-Able to use telepathy to speak with angels and demons

(Virage may chose 3 powers from the book of powers)




The Rules-  A Virage can kill each other only if their death follows after.

Celestial Weapons- A weapon of the Virage chose blessed by the blood of the most powerful, powerful enough to kill a Virage with out sacrificing one self.

Emotion- Virage are swayed my their own emotion and will, which can drive them to do things unexcpted of them.

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