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          There is little known about the Blessed other than rumors and speculations.  Only an extremely rare few even know they exist, let alone how they are created and any other specifications.  These facts are fiercely guarded by the Blessed and their Custos.  No Blessed would ever willingly speak of such secrets nor would any Custos. For those that know of them, only three facts are known for sure.  First, a Blessed is not born a Blessed, they are chosen to become one.  Second, the one chosen was chosen because they lived a life trying to make the world a better place.  Third, and probably most important, they have never killed any humanoid being by accident or on purpose such as vampires, shifters, or humans in general.  They also smell delicious to vampires, and any who drink their blood are faster, stronger, and any ailments and/or problems  with their health in general are cured.  They smell familiar around shifters and any shifter in their company during a full moon can resist forcefully changing and may resist their Alphas call as well.  They are always filled with inspiration, so Fae may stay longer in our realm. Blessed also are made of magic so their essence, such as hair, tears, etc., cause any spell a Witch casts to be twice as strong if it was used as a catalyst. Humans also feel a regeneration when near them, such as any aches or pains, and they seem to vanish plus, wounds heal faster the longer they are in their company.  The three types of Blessed are, Cari the mender, Musae the muse, and Custodis the protector.  They themselves cannot kill or they would go mad with grief and end their own life. However, the magic barrier between them and their Custos allows them to send their Custos to do whatever killing that might have to happen.



          Blessed seem human however, their skin may have a complexion that almost glows.  They always have a sense of beauty around them however, they really do not appear to be anything but a very pretty human that would stand out in a crowd.  The only difference is how you feel around them and to know that, you must read the below abilities and powers for further explanation.  Be sure to notify those within range of what is going on so that they might adjust their posts as needed. This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern day times in this world and this dimension so please dress accordingly.   

Powers & Abilities

Powers and Abilities you get for just being Blessed.


Sacred Kiss - the ability to lace your soul with your chosen protector's soul with an invisible thread which allows you and them to share strength and power.  This also includes the ability to cut those strings if they are no longer your chosen Custos.

Memory Manipulation - the ability to erase all knowledge of the Blessed, yourself, and your Custos from another being. This is only to keep your secret safe as you and your Custos protect it above all else. Only an extremely trusted few are allowed to retain the knowledge.

Telepathy - the ability to mentally speak to any creature including but not limited to other animals, shifters in their animal or war forms, humans, etc. They can also reach their Custos anywhere they might be in or around the city unless there is a magical enchantment/spell/talisman to prevent it.

Healing Hands - the ability to heal minor to moderate wounds on any living creature. Must be able to touch the creature in order to heal it.


Immortality - just like a vampire, they may appear to be forever young and live forever unless killed by something else.

Super Healing - heals as fast as a vampire and without scars, must see a Cari Blessed to regrow limbs.

Unknown - since the Blessed and their Custos are literally the best supernatural kept secret, extreme few know they even exist let alone how to recognize one.  Well, they are human so would smell like one. They still have an odd smell that only those with super senses would pick up.  However, they are often mistaken for Fae who mistake them for Gifted who mistake them for Witches and so on.

Natural and Manmade Disease Immunity - never catches any kind of bacterial or viral infection such as but not limited to the chicken pox, the flu, pneumonia, the cold, etc. (does not include any disease created magically)

Mental Defense - the power that makes them immune to any sort of manipulation of the mind like memory swipe, memory manipulation, mind control, etc.


Human - all Blessed and their Custos can be wounded just like all other human beings. However, since they do heal much like the vampires do, they are extremely hard to kill.

Valued - since Blessed are pretty much made of pure magic, that means that their essence such as blood, hair, skin, etc., are all very valuable to the various supernatural creatures.  Each race of supernatural wants some part of them for some reason if they ever found out who and what they are and how that might benefit them.

Aura Effects - because of the aura that the Blessed gives off, they can sometimes be discovered should they stay around an individual for long periods of time.  They must be cautious of how much time they spend around any given person in one week.

Value Of Life - no Blessed may kill another humanoid creature such as humans, shifters, witches, etc.  Doing so will force them to become mad with grief and take their own life so defending themselves can get rather tricky.

Cari (not available)

         A Cari Blessed are Blessed that center around healing the sick.  Those that are ill mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  She is truly the ultimate healer and is said to even be able to raise the dead as long as they have not been dead longer than a week.  The Cari is also said to be the one to guide the others though no one truly knows what that means. The powers she has received as a Blessed she has used mostly for healing and only in case of an emergency for her to escape.  She feels obligated to heal whomever she sees that needs it and usually ends up in sticky situations when healing others.  

Powers & Abilities

Biokinesis - the ability to control a being's body right down to every cell in the body

The Blessing Of Life - the ability to bring a being back any being to life and rebuild their body or repair it if necessary, if rebuilding a body, she must take days to rebuild it in order to avoid death themselves from the drain. if repairing, she must first repair, rest, then bring them back to life. Though she can resurrect as many people as she wants, each player can only be brought back once every six months of RL (real life) time.  This means if she brings you back and you die before that six months has passed or will be dead more than two weeks of RL time after that six months, you are just dead.


The Aura Of Life - her very aura that surrounds her gives off life and healing.  Old wounds that might have plagued someone for years seem to ease, pain in general is lessened around her, dead things begin to revive themselves as if they had just been sleeping (does not pertain to humanoid beings), people begin to feel younger, healthier and even any kind of mental instabilities, diseases, disorders, psychosis begin to stabilize when within 4 meters of her.  It's subtle at first then grows stronger the longer someone is near and whether it was that new medication and/or treatment you sought after or perhaps things were just getting better was anyone's guess.  The more connected she is with someone, it grows stronger still and is known to surpass distance even when one isn't even in the same state as she is if she is super connected.  even though these things ease the longer one is near her, unless she actively heals it, then it is never completely negated.


Musae (not available)

         The Muse is one who inspires those around them. This is an area of effect feeling and it effects people based on their "true nature". It can be a positive, or a negative thing. 

          If you are a person that is typically violent, the inspiration may make you feel more agitated or aggressive. If you are an artist it may give you great insight or inspiration to complete a work of art. If you are a sexual creature by nature it may make you feel more aroused or aggressive in your pursuits. The longer they stay around you, the more intense these feelings grow. 


Inherent Powers/Abilities


Kiss of Inspiration - If the Muse chooses you, they can bestow a kiss to you that will help elevate your abilities (good or bad) for one day. This may be things like singing, killing, painting, seducing and so forth. 

Audible Inundation - The Muse can fill your mind with voices, sounds, mental images, bright lights etc in order to distract you or give them a chance to escape. 



The Aura Of Enhancement - their aura makes any being feel more energetic, reinvigorated, and stronger physically and/or mentally, and seem to become truly inspired (such as possibly getting new ideas for whatever you enjoy most in your heart, good or bad) if they are within 4 meters of them, makes those around them stronger and able to take a little more damage. This feeling is subtle and barely noticeable at first, but grows with how long one is near them and how connected they are to the Muse though it diminishes the longer you are apart from the Muse. 


Custodis (not available)

Inherent Powers

Aura Shield - the ability to use your aura to shield and protect others from harm mentally and/or physically.

Shield Illusion - the ability to turn whatever barrier they have up in to an illusion of their choosing.



The Aura Of Protection - their very aura makes fear and mental magic harder to cast on someone near them and makes those around them feel less fear, as if some magical benevolent being was somewhere near to keep them safe. It affects those that are 3 meters around them and is stronger the more someone is near them and the stronger one is connected to them, though it diminishes the longer you are apart from the Custodis.




         Custos are the protectors of the Blessed.  To become a Custos, you must have a Blessed's trust enough for them to choose you and then, they give you the Sacred Kiss.  During this, power is linked and transferred to you from your Blessed and you are given extra powers of your choosing. However, using any of your powers now will also drain the Blessed that chose you so be cautious on how your Blessed is doing when in battle so as not to drain them to death.  Think of them like your battery.  Even though they do recharge, the more you use powerful spells, the less energy they have for anything like walking, running, or even basic bodily functions like breathing.  Even though the Blessed cannot kill any humanoid creature less they go mad with grief and take their own life, there is a magic barrier that blocks that disadvantage from you.  You may kill whomever is necessary without worry.  Now that you are connected, you are able to contact your Blessed telepathically anywhere they are on sim and be able to locate each other no matter where you are.  It's possible you might lose some abilities you had before becoming a Custos however, this is judged on a case by case basis.  After becoming a Custos, note card the role-play of your Sacred Kiss and send to the Blessed leader (Lunasmurf Cannned aka Lulu Sekoni).  This is so the admins are able to update your character data as well as the information provided here on the website.  Label it SACRED KISS,(your SL name),(SL date)EXAMPLE:  SACRED KISS,John Resident,12/23/1995.  Failure to do so may end up with you loosing your Custos status so send the note card within a maximum of one week after.  Demons, Angels, and Virage CANNOT become a Custos.  All other races are able to transform.


Accelerated Healing - heals as fast as a vampire and without scars, must see a Cari Blessed to regrow limbs.

Immortality - has the same immortality as the Blessed, however, age begins again if their Blessed dies.

Disease Immunity - is immune to all-natural and human-made diseases, does not include supernatural and/or magical ones.

Blessed Combat - the ability to know basic combat and become advanced in one type of physical fighting skill such as karate or kung fu and to become mastered with one type of non-magical weapon.

Enhanced Agility - the ability to be very flexible and able to move with speed and proficiency.

Enhanced Strength - people with this ability have strength that far exceeds humans and is equal to Vampires, Shifters, etc.

Powers & Abilities

Portal Creation - the ability to create a portal to make a quick escape. Can only be blocked by powerful enchantments.

Mending Touch - the ability to heal wounds on whomever they choose.


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