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Jobs & Businesses

       Have an idea for a business?  Please see the contact us page here (Contact Us!) and follow the instructions there!  We would love to hear from you and are not very restrictive either.  If you have not already chosen a spot for your business, we can help show you the options that might still be available.  If you know already where you wish it to be, do not forget to rent the space before someone else snatches it up.  For those of you who choose to do a city job such as Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief, etc., we can provide you with a furnished room free of charge so don't miss out on an excellent opportunity to serve your community and have plenty of RP!!

Jobs/Businesses Available


Place Holder

Malum Police

Chief Of Police -

Officers - Amaia Mougi

Fire Chief

Angel Cruz- Chief/Fire Marshal


Head Paramedic -

Amara DuBois

50's Diner

Lenore Blackwood - Owner

Ice Cream Shop


Grocery Store


Coffee Shop

Owner-Bloom Moon

Doughnut Shop


Twisted 11


Angel Cruz - Club Owner

Symphany Musicals

Malum News
(Paper/ Television)


Lunar's Apothecary

See staff

Triple X - Sex Store

Open for Applications

See staff

Your Business Staff Here

Ashlin Charley

Malum Clinic

Your Business Here

Your Buisness Here

Your Business Here

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