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          Angels are benevolent, spiritual entities that resided in the light realm and govern the Celestial court. The history of angels is long and vast, with the knowledge that spreads all throughout the globe. There are widely acknowledged facts about these beings that all can agree on, however, there are variations that differ throughout regions of the world. The creator that created them created these beings to protect humans, their most beloved creation but after the long war, those who turned against the creator were banished to the dark realm with those who stated the great war.


          Angels possess willing hosts who give them permission to use their bodies whenever they wish to.  As a result, in our dimension, they appear to be completely ordinary humans.  In the spiritual dimension, Angels are beautiful and glow a little, wings and all.  Angels do have the ability to make their wings appear to all mortals in the mortal dimension and even use them to fly otherwise, only the shadow of their wings can be seen by those who still have their faith. This is an urban/fantasy sim that is set in modern-day times in this world and this dimension so please dress your host accordingly.

Angel roles

Seraphim -Created from the Angel that helped stand against the Fallen one after the great Divide The Highest Tier there will only be 5 of these including the Leader. (Admin Approval needed. 3 Powers allotted)

Cherubim - The right hand for the Seraphim, they act and take order directly from them, their divinity is the second most potent unquestionable in their purpose.   (8 Slots Allowed. 3 Powers allowed. Lead/Admin Approval Needed)

Arch Angels - the elite Angels who protect the throne in the light realm and fight the high-ranked Demons.( 3 Powers allowed)

Blessed - Angels who inspire good deeds and protect the purity of human souls.(2 Powers Allowed)

Paladins- Avenging angels, who keep balance by hunting/fighting lower level demons. They come into contact and deal with demons more. (2 Powers Allowed)

Guardians- Angels sent from the light realm to protect humans. (1 Power Allowed)




Traits are abilities or powers you get for being an Angel these are always active.

Angelic Possession - Angels require a vessel while on Earth. However, they must have the vessel's permission before they can take control.

Immortality - Angels do not age and cannot be killed by any ailment or mortal damage.

Invulnerability - Angels in their pure form can only be killed by demons, angels and the creator.

Supernatural Perception - Angels are able to see almost all supernatural activity around them.

Super Senses - All angels enhance their vessels' senses to a superhuman level.

Powers & Abilities

Dream Walking - Angels can appear in people's dreams.

Flight - When angels are disembodied on Earth, they can fly anywhere as a form of bright smoke or pure light.

Regeneration - An angel can heal its vessel from damaged nearly instantly.

Smiting - An angel's most versatile and terrifying weapon, smiting allows the angel to kill almost any demon, monster and even humans with a touch. (NPC's must ask occ to kill players)

Telepathy - Angels can communicate with other angels & Demons telepathically.

Lie Detection - Angels can sense if a human is lying to them.

Empathy - Angels can sense another being's emotions and experiences.

Photokinesis - Angels can use the ability to control light.




Angelic Exorcism - There is an exorcism chant to expel angels from their human vessels and send them back to the light realm.

Angel Banishing Sigil - This sigil is capable of banishing all angels.

Magic - is able to paralyze angels and place them in a weakened state or even banish them. Rank of angel equals different difficulties, the higher ranking the angle the more powerful the magic must be.

Vessel's Death- if the Vessel dies, the angel takes all the pain and experience with them back to the light realm.

Silver- Not toxic but a general annoyance

Pure Salt - One of the weaknesses handed out from the creator to help maintain a balance from their fallen cousins and brethren. Trapping an angle in a circle of salt is an effective way to nullify their wings and angelic essence.

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