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About Us

          Our land is in the online game Second Life.  To download this game and role-play with us, go to the Second Life website here

(                                      ) and then simply click this link to come visit (                       ). 


         We are an urban/fantasy role-play sim based near Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, and about an hour and a half from Portland, OR.  In our universe, Malum City was never annexed to accommodate the National Forest, the city itself being grandfathered in.  As we are based in the USA, all real life USA current laws and events are valid on sim, unless otherwise specified, and this is also valid for any state wide restrictions.

         Obviously, since there are no laws, regulations, nor guidelines to deal with the supernatural, most humans do not know they exist.  This is called the Veil and is fiercely guarded.  With this in mind, all supernatural creatures will have to have a human form in order to play or someway of being invisible to the mortal eye.  Please take the time to read each race page carefully, not just to decide what you wish to have as a character, but also so that you understand what you do or do not know about other supernatural races.  Not every supernatural knows of the existence of all others. 

          We have a variety of races, such as Vampires, Shifters,  and Witches, just to name a few.  We do have rules and guidelines, and we do require an application before you are allowed to roleplay.  However, we also know the importance of giving role players the freedom to be creative and explore not only who and what their character can do, but also how their character can fit in with their imagination and this world we have created.

          It is for this reason that we allow suggestions for races, powers, rules, guidelines, and even sim wide events to expand our content and help make this world become not just something we created, but also, something the players themselves helped create.  We believe that even if something seems perfect, it can always be improved and expanded with the help of everyone banding together and giving constructive criticism, advice, and ideas. 

         No one knows everything, and everyone can learn from anyone, as long as they allow themselves to admit they can still learn more and do better.  With that being said, please be respectful in your comments and/or criticism.  There is no need to throw around insults and curse words.  Such behavior will only result in your suggestion/comment/complaint disregarded, plus it could result in disciplinary actions, such as, but not limited to permanent or temporary ban and possible deletion/permanent death of your character.

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